Friday, 21 January 2011

unit three process tree

Lighting arrangement one.

Same lighting process but with the spotlight on the manikin

 This has both ambient occlusion and global illumination

This is my Segway to scale with with colour boxes

all views in wireframe of the Segway

 Front side box made in phone shop
the left side of the box exported to maya

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

@ Phill

Pill can i use 2011 powerpont to show my work On the uni comps. Or do i have to use 2010 To show my work.


im going to do

  " The Uncanny"
     The cause-and-effect of uncanny in films and game's.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

unit 3 maya

I wasn't at the maya classes at the end because of back problems are really enjoyed the last few tutorials. The Paris case. And the colour rendering.

this is the leaf are done from the beginning

This is the final render
this is the blood cell blood flow
I like this XRay one I had a bit of fun with this one.
I prefer discoloured in the yellow
And finally the book

Sunday, 16 January 2011

the tenant

The tenant 
Director Roman Polanski  
The film made (1976) 

In Paris a shy and timid man named (Roman Polanski) also directed "The tenant". Played as (bureaucrat Trelkovsk).Trelkovsk Rents a old apartment in a upper-class building. 
"From the outset the building gives you a depressing feeling". 
(Bureaucrat Trelkovsk)  Meet the landlord named (Monsieur Zy) actor (Melvyn Douglas) he gives a stern warning "no funny business and no loud music"
in an interview with the landlord (Bureaucrat Trelkovsk mentions why did the apartment become available. (Monsieur Zy) replies the recent tenant committed suicide and jumped out of the window.
After the interview (bureaucrat Trelkovsk). Excerpts the terms and conditions
A few days later (bureaucrat Trelkovsk) He begins to see strange things. One day (bureaucrat Trelkovsk) looks out of his apartment window across the courtyard to the bathroom window and begins the see a strange thing.
But he shrugs it off like nothing happened a few days later you begin to see the deterioration of (bureaucrat Trelkovsk) as you slowly see him fall apart.
With director (Roman Polanski) he slowly takes away the safety of your home and turns it upside down.
With a very sickly colour palette. Mood shading. Although this was executed superbly I found myself still wanting answers not specifically but in general.
But maybe this is the direction of Roman Polanski. This is a very dark and twisted film taking you out of your comfort zone and putting you straight back there this is a horror film of a different kind.

Roman Polanski

Melvyn Douglas








Imags from. 

Cole Smithey
The Tenant carries the most shocking double climax in all of cinema.
The Tenant is one of Roman Polanski's greatest and darkest films

Dan Jardine
Roman Polanski's key error is almost certainly casting himself in the lead, as he is not an adept enough thespian to pull of the challenging transformation of his character.