Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Here are all the reference images and film's for my shopping city i'v bin watching a lote of film's with shoppimg city's in them

dawn of the dead 2004/1978
dead rising 1/2
its not the zombie's i was looking for its the empty shopping city's them self

Unit 3 my shopping city

over the parst 2 week's iv bin up to a lot of work here are some modling iv done so far


They are just prop's for the set


Mop and Bucket

then the escalators

And shopping trolleys

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Unit 3 Uncanny

This is or how much iv made to date with the unit 3

With this one i made a lift but i wasn't to happy with it the lift was a bit to much CG not in work because iv made it but to much CG in the respect of its to much.Like if u make a cake and put to much sweets on it after a min you become ill.

so i made some escalators in steed
This is with a ray trace but its to bright i think and you cant see the shops up top and at the bottom
At the end of the set the view your looking at in the image iv made a slander that i made in mind to project an image or a mat painting on to form the cam view .Or a mat painting as a painting 

Monday, 13 December 2010

Unit 3 Uncanny heres were in comeing from

i done wont to give to much away but this so wot i mean making a shopping city and doing some uncannynes to it. I no uncanny is not wot your looking for its a set were u don't no whats gone on
I'm looking for perspective in all of those images  do you think its to much work for me but iv got the skill to do it

Unit 3 Uncanny

Iv bin thinking on what to do for my set for the uncanny and i think i no what to do I'm going to make a shopping city with no one in it i think this is right can some one give me a heads up thinks .

Friday, 10 December 2010

Unit 3 thumbnails

started with some shop Frants for my dolls
A change of stile

A bridge with no one on it

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Unit 3 Uncanny

When i went looking on the Internet i come across a film called polar express and its up there with the uncanny look.
So i had to make a CG model of me so iv made a robot parts work shop and a toy in a box
And the toy
This is so creepy 

Unit 3 Uncanny

On a look round the Internet on the uncanny  iv got some images that i like the look of and iv put them together for the influence map
with the puppets i was looking for the dead eyes and the creepiness of the puppet it self.

My next one for the influence map is mannequins iv got this because of the nonhuman like movement i mean movement from the joints bending the joints backwoods and a 360 motion

 in this selection iv got a birthing mannequin. "That to me is sooooo crappy and uncanny"

My next selection for the maps is some dolls this is just uncanny in a nut shall

Those are going to be the foundations for my Sean

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Rosemary’s Baby

                                       Rosemary’s Baby (1968) Director: Roman Polanski

The firms is a grate and brilliant  production touching the mind in a in a away were you don't wont to have baby's because it might not be what u are looking for. After a couple move in to a flat (apartment) in a house in America mad and crazy thing start to happen.The neighbours begin to take a likening to the couple. A couple of weeks after the move in the couple wont to have a baby. This is the start of the madness Rosemary begins to get ill but you might think it's normal but its not what you think the neighbours want the baby for use to raise the devil.  The use of colour in this film is a key fetcher and gives a dull and sickly filling. and the blur of the camera makes you fill like your not in control

Roman Polanski somehow brought his brand of paranoid horror to the Hollywood mainstream with rousing success.
M. Anderson
a masterpiece of paranoid tension about evil lurking in the mundane
Genuinely frightening in a way that's impossible to top 35 years later.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Hunting

The Hunting (1963) Director "Robert Wise"
The film is about a haunted house and to prov the existence of ghosts in the house.
Its starts out as a nice place but some nights after the house starts to go creepy you start to here some foot steeps in the hall way and on the investigation of the foot steeps no one was there. the
Dr "John Markway" (Richard Johnson). All his life He only wont's to prov the ghost are rill
This film is a good landmark for filmmakers its got no CG in it but you can still get goosebumps from it. 

few filmmakers have drawn fright from nothingness as adeptly as Robert Wise did

Makes more goose pimples than sense.

Ghosts! And they are unseen, frightening things in this creepy classic.

Unit 2 space thumbnails

This is my thumbnails