Sunday, 6 March 2011

Final story By Roy Efe

The Mousetrap
By R M Efe

This is a story about a “Alfred” the gravedigger and the mouse that got away.
One afternoon Alfred finished and what seemed to be a long day at the graveyard digging

He walks in his house and picks up the paper and looked at the jobs section.
And there’s a job about a janitor at the local museum and he applies for it.

A few days further on still digging in the same old graveyard still wishing he had another job.
He finally got the reply from the Museum saying. 
“On your request for the job as a janitor at the Museum we are pleased to inform you that he
has the job"

Alfred was over the moon. He thought with his experience as a gravedigger keeping the
graves all tidy and clean, the job at the Museum would be a blast.

On the arrival at the Museum he walks over to the secretary and explains the situation and
asked where the janitor’s office and the secretary explained to him where it is.

He knocks on the janitor's office door and a fact lazy looking man named “peter”
Opens the door and mutters in a croaky voice are you “Alfred” he replies yes.
“Coming sit-down”

“Peter” takes his chair and sits on it . In a formal up right position almost looking down on

Right “Peter” says the job you're applied for involves 1 cleaning of the floors and the
exhibits. 2 cleaning of the toilets. 3 emptying the bins. And finally catching the mouse.

“Alfred says “a mouse. “Peter says” yes a mouse. Is that going to be problem? Are you a
vegetarian or anything like that? “Alfred replies” no I ’m not  a veget ari an or got  any
problems with catching the mouse. Good “peter says” And not forgetting this is your uniform
wear it at all times when you're in the Museum.

Write “Alfred “says time to set a mousetrap this should be easy. So “Alfred”  sets the
mousetrap right next to the mouse's whole.

The mouse smells to cheese waft ing in through his “whole which is his home”. 
And goes up to the mousetrap and takes the cheese without sending off.

So “Alfred “goes up to the mousetrap to see if he has caught the mouse. “ Err” what's this
“Alfred” says the cheese is gone but no mouse something must be wrong. 
Things up of the new way to catch the mouse and “this time I will get him in”.

So he fought off a way to catch the mouse by hanging ropes around the statues and hanging a
weight in the middle of the road which is triggered by the mouse when he grabs the food.
That should work “Alfred “said after a few hours standing around wait ing for the mouse to
come out to grab the food Alfred went to the toilet.

The mouse smells the food again. In comes out of his hole and grabs the cheese and walks

“Alfred “comes back from the toilet  and finds the cheese is gone again “haaaa”. The cheese is
gone again. “Is thi s worki ng” so he goes to check to see if it 's working “rrrrrrrr” the weight
falls onto his hand “Bang”.

After “Alfred’s “and feels a few minutes later he thinks up of the new way to catch the

So when “Alfred’s “break comes he decided to look in to a military hardware magazine.
“Hu Hu” . I know I'll do buy this Canon “that should do the trick”. Alfred says.

So when Alfred Cannon comes he decided to rig it the same way with the rope but this time
he put the rope behind the painting the chandelier and bring it to the mousetrap so when the
mouse comes out he would get him.

The mouse can smell something irresistible coming through the whole so decided to
investigate. And walks over and grab the food”Div”.

“Alfred “can’t believe his eyes “the trap is hasn't worked again”. And thinks are no I'll do
upgrade it with rockets.

Something happens to the rockets and they got triggered to fire.


“Alfred “says “oo my God”

“Alfred “witnesses the destruction of the Museum and is so devastated.

“Alfred “says “I give up”

The End


  1. Hi Roy,

    here are the details on 2days animations:
    They are all by Walter Mckay and incase you don't have the names of the animations themselves they are:

    1. How a mosquito operates
    2. Gertie the dinosaur
    3. The sinking of St Lislustina

  2. Hey Roy,

    This is the area you should focus on for the Time Machine; The impact that the telephone had on society shortly after invention. You'll cover things like the creation of telephone exchanges, better technology and things like that

  3. Hey man,

    It looks like you're on the right lines for the time machine presentation, you might be going too far ahead in your research though, I'd probably say to go as far ahead as maybe 1910? I dunno what really happened after the invention but you should probably only go up as far as the building of telephone exchanges and the inial acceptance of the telephone as a household item