Wednesday, 2 March 2011

@ phill

(Art Of' publication)Can you define that for me please?


  1. Hi Roy, thought I'd answer quickly, in case Phil doesn't get a chance to get back to you this morning... the 'Art of' is basically a round up of all you development, presented on your blog as a Scribd presentation. On Friday you can show it as a Scribd, or a Powerepoint or PDF. So it will have character design sheets, environment concept art etc... if you go to the brief on myUCA it's all there! Here is a copy of the relevant section from the brief -

    2) An ‘Art Of’ publication, to include:
    a) concept art : environment design
    b) concept art : character design
    c) concept art : prop design
    d) Final environment designs
    e) Final prop designs
    f) Final character designs (character sheets)
    g) Final presentation storyboards
    h) Final script

    Have a look at some of your classmates blogs for inspiration, as some have already posted finished publications.
    Hope this helps!