Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari
Where do I start. It was a 1920 film. Horror. This is meant to be the first horror film made.
"A classic. Visually stunning and more experimental than anything coming out today."
Beth Accomando KPBS.org
What I was drawn to mostly was the set. The way it was made; its like with a dream, a state of mind.
"A simple, subversive film made all the more interesting because of its style".  Ted Prigge rec.arts.movies.reviews
The mix up of patterns and vertical angles to me made it like I was in someones mind. Someone that is mad. And the use of space.The changing of sets. To make it seem bigger then it was. Adds a true sense of weirdness to this picture.
"Set a standard for creepiness that has never been matched". which was what Nell Minow Movie Mom at Yahoo! Movies, had said.

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