Monday, 8 November 2010

The wizard of oz

The wizard of oz (1939) directed by Victor Fleming

You start out in Kansas in a farm house  were u see a nice family unit you got the

auntie "Auntie Em" play by (Clara Blandick)
she if frum but loveing to

"Dorothy" (Judy Garland)

Kansas is renowned for its tornado watch it quit fitting for the film. a tornado runs throw the farmhouse and lift's it up and put's it in a magical land the magical land munchkins the house and on the wicked witch of the east watch kills the witch. Next the good witch of the north comes to see "Dorothy" and tells "Dorothy" to take the ruby slippers of the wicked witch of the wast and The only way to go

"good witch of the north" (Glinda)

home is to go the the "Emerald City" to see the"Frank Morgan" "Wizard of oz". she starts the journey down the yellow brick road this is were you got to meat the " Ray Bolger" The Scarecrow"

9Ray Bolger) "The Scarecrow"

  "The Cowardly Lion" (Bert Lahr)

and (Jack Haley) "The Tin Man".

 This is a well made film for all the family. Its good over evil and persistence will get u what you wont. i'm not a grate fan of this

film but i can relate to it because its a start of a grate family adventure were if your old you can go back in time to when you was a child and if your young you see a good life lesson.

Josh Larsen LarsenOnFilm
A head trip of a family film.

Jeffrey M. Anderson
Combustible Celluloid
The key to The Wizard of Oz is its pure, simple theme: Dorothy's desire to get back home, to safety, to comfort, to family and to love.

David Bezanson    
The film is probably as entertaining now as it was in 1939.

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