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The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project  (1999)

Directors: "Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez".

 This is a story about 3 students who find an urban legends. In the woods in (Burkittesville, Maryland) 

about "The Blair Witch" .hence the name of the film. At U.C.A.  Rochester teacher "Phil" explained that this was a film without storyboarding the film was made up in the editing part of it. So this will be hard to dissect with storyboarding in mind. So what I will do, or try is to explain how I think it would be storyboarded.

In the beginning of the film you get introduced to the 3 main characters which are film students trying to find the legend called "The Blair witch" which is in the woods of  (Burkittesville, Maryland).

our first character is  "Heather Donahue" as her self.

With "Heather Donahue"as a character you get a sense of purssistance and determination.because of this. This will be the demise of this character/ actress.



The next in the line up is "Joshua Leonard"as him self.

"Joshua Leonard" as in the film he plays as the director in "The Blair witch".with this character is eager and self-centred.

The last one in the 3 character line up is "Michael C. William"as he himself in the film "The Blair witch".

This is the final actor in the line up is the cameraman in "The Blair witch" he is eager to get the job done. "Like every camera man".





After the introduction of the characters thay set off in to the wood of  (Burkittesville, Maryland). and try to find the legend of  the "Blair witch". after a little struggle with the map they arrive at the woods and everything seems to be normal. They set off into the woods "Heather Donahue" has the map. 4 hours into the journey which should be only two hours. They slowly realise that they are lost and decide to set up camp and continue their journey in the morning. After a protracted sleep by some the cameraman "Michael C. William"splutters out a comment about he had herd some strange things in the night. after discussion about the strange fings they set off to find the "Blair witch" and continue to get lost. Deeper in the woods thay go and have to set up camp again this time in the morning they find some twigs bound in rope.the suspense continues as they get even more lost in the woods. to day they awake and  find that the cameraman "Michael C. William" has disappeared. That following night they here the cameraman screaming out so they investigate and, come up with nothing. a few nights later they find themselves hearing the cameraman screaming again and proceeds to the rescue and find themselves at the house this is where the story turns into the horror. They searched the house top to bottom and keep on hearing the screams of the cameraman. When director "Joshua Leonard" runs into the basement thinking that he can hear the cameraman down there "you are in first person view" you see him full and then "Heather Donahue" runs to his aid and find him standing in the corner. I think this film if it wasn't filmed in first person view/ perspective "And had C G/ budget" it wouldn't have been as dramatic as if filmed in the famous Hollywood style.

Big Picture Big Sound. (July 14, 2007)
 "The three actors manage not only to capture some beautiful footage but also to spout believable and consistent dialog without digressing into the standard Scream pop culture references."

IGN DVD (October 26, 2010).
 "A brilliant marketing campaign, to be sure, but this Z-grade con of a film offers no payoff for audiences looking to be scared".

Chicago Reader (September 24, 2007)
"What gives the film much of its force and its mounting sense of queasy uncertainty is its narrative method, which ensures that we know no more about the proceedings than the characters do."

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