Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Birds

The Birds USA, "1963"
 Director: Alfred Hitchcock

 These are the actors/actresses that appear in the film the birds.

    "Tippi Hedren "
Melanie Daniels (as 'Tippi' Hedren)
 This actress plays an important part in the film.'Tippi' Hedren" you get to feel that this woman is from upper-class society just on her body language alone. We are properly introduced to .'Tippi' Hedren"when we get to see her in the pet shop

  "Rod Taylor"


"Mitch Brenner"

This actor turns up in the pet shop and after two lovebirds this is the first time we get introduced to the problem..'Tippi' Hedren"starts to flirt with "Mitch Brenner"

after  "Mitch Brenner" least the pet shop Tippi' Hedren" ask is the pet shop owner to order her some lovebirds. When she picks up the last birds she sets off to find "Mitch Brenner"after a drive from San Francisco to Bodega Bay, this is where

"Mitch Brenner"spends his time away from work.When "Tippi" arrives at "Bodega Bay" she starts to investigate and find out where "Mitch" lives. 'Tippi" after the investigation she finds that she lives across the water and hires a boa to cross it. This is where we get to see our problem which is a bird/ seagull.there isn't a logical reason why the bird wont's to attack 'Tippi". As a audience we get to see more and bizarre ways in the way of bird/ Crows attacks. "Alfred Hitchcock" (the master of suspense) directed this film in such away but the only thing that is dated in this film is a special effects. As a story I don't think that side of the story will ever get old. Round up the film with "Mitch" and 'Tippi" falling in love but "Hitchcock"finished a film in such a way that you don't really understand the  film has finished or not.


"Alfred Hitchcock" makes his appearance in the film in the first seen you see him walking to dogs.


This film is loosely based on" Daphne du Maurier's"  story.

"Feels like it was made by a brilliant filmmaker who simply felt challenged by the enormity of the task. In that regard, it's close to 100 percent successful."

Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC) September 26, 2007
"Technically, the best Hitchcock ever...and one of the most nail-biting".

August 1, 2005
"Underestimated at the time, this is Hitchcok's last undisputed masterpiece, and a more complex film than Psycho".
July 31, 2005 

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