Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Unit 4

After discussion with Simon and Alex I have narrowed the intro down.while was can do is give the characters background in the beginning but now I think I'm just  give the location of the set in my case the Museum
Here are some reference images
this is the Natural History Museum
this was one of the slips was given was at the Natural History Museum it was a museum.
this can't be changed because it's the environment set
the only thing I can changes the style and location of the set

My character of which was my second slip is a gravedigger menace was hard to work out because I don't know much about grave diggers so I googled grave digger and with these reference images to go by
So now the personality of a gravedigger would be bleak because he has to bury people everybody's all day long so my guess is he would be a moody, character called look even an athletic build because of begin all day

And finally my prop is a mousetrap but with this I'm going to go with a widely Coyote Road Runner kind of feel meaning gravedigger looks up military hardware in a catalogue this gives me the chance to make my storyboard a in a comical kind of way. Like the Road Runner I will be trying to catch the mouse but always failing at the task.I don't mean me i mean the gravedigge.

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  1. Great entry Roy, but where are you thumbnails and storyboards?