Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Mouse Trape By Roy Efe

3 Act Structure Breakdown…

Act one: introducing the problem

The main character in this storyboard is a gravedigger (Alfred a.k.a. Alf/Alfie) this character applies for a job at the Museum as a janitor. This is the first time we get introduce to the character (Alfred). After successful applicant he finds himself at the janitor's main office. And this is when we get introduced to the second character. And the janitor describes his job which one of them is to catch this mouse. But trying to catch the mouse is a bit harder than he first assumed. The relationship between (Alfred) and the mouse is a love hate relationship “The mouse” he loves to annoy “Alfred” and “Alfred” hates the mouse in a devilish kind of way.

Act Two: Provide Tension

In act two the audience is presented with a solution to catch the mouse and “Alfred “schemes up a devilish way to catch the mouse  with the mousetrap. At night-time “Alfred “lays out some cheese to a mousetrap. But the mouse cunningly takes the cheese without harm. Triggering the mousetrap after the mouse is at a safe distance. With this happening a few more times “Alfred “needs to devise a better mousetrap.

Act Three: Resolve Problem

This is the final attempt to catch the mouse (“Roy” I don't know which way to go with this. I'm thinking of maybe three directions in which this can go).

Direction one

A massive disaster happens. In the way of when he tries to catch the mouse this causes a massive disaster. Maybe the Museum might be left in ruins. One of the pieces showing in the Museum gets destroyed. Or the  Museum crumbles down.

Direction to

He finally catches the mouse and realises the mistake hes done.

Direction free

After a catastrophe in the Museum and not catching the mouse “Alfred” befriends the mouse.

The Logline...

This is a story about a gravedigger named “Alfred “who attempts to catch the mouse. With direction one direction to and direction free

The Premise...

This is the story of a man named “Alfred “who attempts to catch the mouse

And a lot of mousetraps.


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  2. Hey Roy, your script isnt making sense because it doesnt seem you entirely know what each requirement is asking for. Check on MyUCA under materials and find writing your Script.

    For instance The Logline is a summary of the plot, attempting to answer problems eg. Why the character is obessed with catching the mouse etc.
    The Premise is a line that sums up your whole story, for example obessesive behaviour can only leads to destruction ( I just made that up)

    read the Script and look at others peoples aswell, because all this Direction one stuff is toooo confusing and overall hard to read

  3. sorry about that what I was trying to say about the directions is. I'm not entirely sure on what the finish shall be

  4. Interim Online Review 15/02/2011

    Hey Roy,

    Okay - so, just so I'm clear:

    Act 1 - Introduce Gravedigger, who obviously likes to keep things very tidy, likes things nice and quiet. Introduce problem (the mouse) who disturbs the gravedigger's peace and quiet. The Gravedigger's goal is to catch the mouse!

    Act 2 - It's the Loony Tunes-style 'chase' section, with the Gravedigger trying more and more crazy stunts in order to catch the mouse.

    Act 3 ???????? Personally, I think that, just like poor old Coyote, the Gravedigger should wreck his whole environment in trying to catch the mouse. He doesn't catch the mouse - and the story ends with the mouse being cute and cheeky, and the Gravedigger in a funny mess, with everything broken.

    I encourage you to have lots of fun with your Act 2, in which the Gravedigger comes up with more and more elaborate traps to catch the mouse. You should certainly watch lots of Roadrunner cartoons for reference.

  5. Roy - can you give an idea of what you intend to write your Unit 4 essay on?

  6. Phill phanks you made my day