Monday, 13 December 2010

Unit 3 Uncanny heres were in comeing from

i done wont to give to much away but this so wot i mean making a shopping city and doing some uncannynes to it. I no uncanny is not wot your looking for its a set were u don't no whats gone on
I'm looking for perspective in all of those images  do you think its to much work for me but iv got the skill to do it


  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Roy,

    I'm encouraged by the increased activity on your blog - and 'Roy in a Box' is a scary idea, alright! :-) In terms of your idea of the empty shopping mall - yes, I think it certainly has the potential to make for an unsettling image. You'll need to consider the position of your camera too - you could for for a high view, so giving a strange, detached feeling, or take the camera low, so that the otherwise normal structures of the shopping centre suddenly seem ominous or threatening. You might also consider including in your image an object or motif that lends an additional strangeness - a forgotten object, or something a little out of the place; it doesn't have to be super-obvious, but it might be worth playing around with.

    Some links you might find useful:!/photos/61730/1

    Remember, Roy - to keep an eye on your scale etc. Pay close attention to real world details and logic when you start to model. Also, don't lose sight of the brief; you've got your thumbnails started, but I want some concept art and IMPORTANT - your scene MUST combine a digital set with a 2d matte painting - you'll need to consider this when you plan your scene.

    For essay guidance etc. follow this link - make sure Alison gets to see it too so she can help you structure your assignment appropriately.

  2. Thanks Phil, I will check it out right now

  3. Nice one Phill its good to no im on the right track