Friday, 3 December 2010

Unit 3

Some renders

When i went back in time to my childhood some things that cheeped me out was 
a jack in a box  my sisters dolls  so i went on Google and got some images and i tried to make them in maya.

Puppet this is creepy and a  good start i think
This is my maya.

My next one is a bike

My one.

I think in a house or a empty street this will be more effective. This is just the render

A man in a room.
This is just a thort but i think its a good start for some thing creepy a bit more work and it might be a contender  

And my last one is a jack in a box this is bast with a doll head. I made the head in zbrush 


  1. Hey Roy,

    Okay - this is what you need to upload to your blog in order to satisfy the assessment criteria for UNIT 2 (the 40% Creative Development Component)

    1) Your 3 finished scenes
    2) Your thumbnails
    3) Your life drawing
    4) Research into the author and original book 'The Time Machine' (not the films)
    5) Your research for your UNIT 2 essay (what you're writing about etc).
    6) THIS IS IMPORTANT - I want you to explain 'why' your three images look the way they do - what was your METHOD? How did you get from the original extracts to your finished designs. To do this, you might create a post that shows me the key thumbnails, key research, key images etc as well as your own writing about your decisions.

    Get this done and dusted as soon as possible, Roy - and clear the way.

  2. The idea of researching the original author Roy is to find the start point, the book was first and George Pal (director, time machine 1960) imagined it a certain way after reading it.

    So if you don't know what HG Wells was trying to say from the begining and how he used spaces in his original story; you can't give a knowledgeable response to why the spaces were used the way they were in the movies.
    Comparrisons are always a great way to enabled a discussion and to draw out thoughts.