Wednesday, 1 December 2010

unit 3

Unit 3 environment

This is some Pre Viz.
iv made some models in Maya its a ally with an electric chair  ant the end of it
The render settings
Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion

This is the electric chair as a render on it own

And a bed


  1. Hey Roy, this is an impressive start, but remember to refer to the brief - and to the method of making work - 'from thumbnail to concept art to digital set' and remember, your scene must also include a matte painting to continue the world of your set.

    Where your submissions struggle to meet the assessment criteria is the 40% Creative Development component; this is the part of your project that concentrates on WHY you approach the work in the way you do. If you remember my comments about your Time Machine images - they weren't about how you'd produced them technically, they were all about your logic, and your design ideas. Here, on this project, I will be looking for improvement in this aspect of your work.

    I want to see more visual research and reference. I want to see artist research, so please refer to the websites etc. on the brief. I want to see 50 thumbnails at least - quick drawings in which you explore different ways to approach your scene (Your unit 2 submission had NO thumbnails!).

    It's great that you're making work already, but I have a brief that helps me assess student work, which means I'm looking for the content requested. Don't make the mistake of simply ignoring or avoiding the parts of the brief that you find more challenging than the cg stuff. It's my job to get all first years ready for the second year, and that means ensuring they can confidently engage with all degree-based activities.

    Put simply, Roy - I'm saying, what you're doing here is great, but you'll need to do everything else if you're going to submit successfully. I strongly suggest you go and see Tracey Ashmore and speak with Alison to work out a day-to-day timetable by which you can organise all the different activities - from blogging, to reviewing, to researching etc.

  2. I'm just going to give a few critiques from a Modelling/Texturing point of view, because Phil has covered everything else nicely.

    Watch for scale in your models and textures. Right now your Window is massive when compared to the bed, likewise for the bricks. I would say the wear and tear on the chair feels too randomly placed, think about how you can make it feel realistic. For example nail scratch marks on the edge of the chair will offer a realistic yet slightly disturbing image.

    Keep it up though mate.

  3. Phanks jon and phill i will take it on board just remember its just like a thumbnails but i no wot u mean phill i will get on it right naw jon i can see whot you mean to ill remember that when im doing some more iv got a fare ground in mind with a creepy twist iv got some imegs in mind to tl post them on my blog