Monday, 13 December 2010

Unit 3 Uncanny

Iv bin thinking on what to do for my set for the uncanny and i think i no what to do I'm going to make a shopping city with no one in it i think this is right can some one give me a heads up thinks .


  1. I think it has great possibilities, such a huge expanse which is vibrant and lively where usually people throng to; being made dark, silent and empty gives me the chills

  2. Ok Roy,
    Space essay is due in on 17th December:

    Tonight I want you to find images that express space to you. Then write a few sentances on why/how they are used.

    What was happenong in the world around us when these movies were made

    We spoke about: Metropolis
    World War 2 - Peace
    People were worried about being replaced by Robots
    Sky scrapers

    Look at The Time Machine what is happening in 1960's

    Who are the directors? is there any thing that they have said that could be used as a quote.

    I will see you tomorrow at 11.00 in the base room