Monday, 6 December 2010

Unit 2 space

My book was the time machine by (Herbert George Wells 21 September 1866).
The books protagonist is played by a English scientist cold the time traveler in the book he tests the time machine by going back in time to 802.AD. This is my 1st depiction is a jpeg of the time he go,s to i thought  it would look like the beginning of civilization. And very sand and mountainous like landscapes

My 2nd depiction is the morlocks cave.The morlocks are an underground  people way they live underground is because they hate the light of the sun. Their skin is all gray and they are all cannibals.
The time traveler goes forward to the time of the morlocks and finds a lush green place. When he gets there he land in front of the morlocks cave.
 When i read the book i fort of a dark dungeon like cave.

My 3ed depiction is the Eloi. The Eloi are a peace loveing people with no knowledge of safety and education. But when the time traveler meets the eloi he goes for a look round the porcelain palace and finds some books he walks over at them and he goes mad at them for letting the books to rot. the  morlocks knows this and take advantage of this.
My 3ed depiction is the Elois porcelain palace but with the time traveler meeting them and letting them now about the books they grow wise of the morlocks plans and build a fortress with a retner Scanner  and its made of concrete not porcelain

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