Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Unit 3 Uncanny

This is or how much iv made to date with the unit 3

With this one i made a lift but i wasn't to happy with it the lift was a bit to much CG not in work because iv made it but to much CG in the respect of its to much.Like if u make a cake and put to much sweets on it after a min you become ill.

so i made some escalators in steed
This is with a ray trace but its to bright i think and you cant see the shops up top and at the bottom
At the end of the set the view your looking at in the image iv made a slander that i made in mind to project an image or a mat painting on to form the cam view .Or a mat painting as a painting 


  1. 16:9 ratio, Roy... it will help your composition.

  2. Like Phil said, the widescreen ratio will pack more of a punch (irrespective of being in the brief or not).

    Although far be it from my humble opinion, this scene is beginning to take shape already